1. Exploring the different views

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Teachers! It’s time to get curious! Come in and explore what Studyo has to offer. With this module, we want you to be curious and explorative. Take the time to look around and don’t be afraid to make mistakes in the process because we learn by trying and by making mistakes. As you explore, we challenge you to discover all of the ins and outs about Studyo. Play around with it until you become familar with it and navigating through is a breeze. As you go through the module, you will be prompted to find, create and eliminate and we want all of the picture proof that you have succeeded in your quest! Let’s get started!

Step 1- Locate the Views toolbar

The views toolbar located at the bottom of your page. It offers 6 different views you can use.

Step 2- Dates

In most views, you are able to move back and forth between dates or date ranges. It’s important to know how to do this so that you can visualize your tasks or just to help you navigate from day to day. Click or tap on the different views to see if you can find out how to change the date(s) that you are viewing.

In fact, there is only one view that will not allow you to change the dates. Can you find which view does not allow you to change the dates that you are viewing?

  1. Day
  2. Week
  3. Month
  4. Year
  5. Tasks
  6. Teacher

Step 3- Tasks

Adding tasks into your Studyo planner is what is going to allow you and your students to work on and develop those organizational skills that will ultimately help you reach your goals. There are many different things that you can do with tasks, but as we get started, let’s just take a moment to focus on class-specific tasks and personal tasks.

Class-Specific Tasks

Play around with the different views to see where you need to tap/click in order to add a task for a specific class. When you create a task for specific class in Day and Week View, you will see the name of the class appear at the top of the pop-up box. However, when you create a task within Month or Teacher view, the pop-up box will display all of the available classes for a given day and will give you the option to add a task from there. Find both of these options in your planner.


There is no need to add a task just yet. We will be doing this later in the training.

Personal Tasks

With the Studyo planner, you can also add personal tasks (such as birthdays, anniversaries or even a reminder to call the dentist after 2nd period) to your schedule, or you can enter your extra-curricular activities (such as sports or social events) in the AM or PM slots.

Personal tasks are simply not associated to a specific section. They can be entered in any class period, or at the top in the “All day” area.


There is no need to add a task just yet. We will be doing this later in the training.

Step 4- Go to That Day

Sometimes when you are navigating through your planner, you want to go to a specific day to either add a task or to view tasks that are already set. Play around with the planner and see if you can find out how to go to a specific date to view it in Day View. You can do this from most views, but for this activity, go ahead and try it out from the Teacher View.

Once you have figured out how to go to a different date, try to find a way to get back to today’s date. There are two ways to do this. Are you able to find both?

Step 5- Notes

As you played around with the planner, you probably discovered that in addition to adding tasks, you can also add notes. Notes are personal and are only visible to you and are a great way to jot down your personal thoughts, reflections and/or reminders. From either Day or Week View, go ahead and see if you are able to locate how to add a note. Once you’ve figured it out, take a screenshot.

Step 6- Tasks View

Although you may have taken the time to explore it on your own, you may have noticed that we have not looked at the Tasks View very much. Take a moment to look at it now. Notice how the dates are set up linearly and that there is a task box on the right hand side with different options. At this point, you shouldn’t have any tasks that appear in this box. Once we have worked on adding different tasks, we will revisit the Tasks View so that you can visualize how the task appears.