10. Task Review and Deletion

Topic Progress:

Okay, so we want you to be able to start with a clean slate, so let’s go back and delete the tasks that we created. Before we do this, however, take the time to revisit each of the views and notice the ways in which the views have changed once a task, along with due dates and announcement dates, have been entered. Each view has its own unique features that will ultimately help you become more organized and have better developed executive function skills.

Step 1:

Go through each view on the View Toolbar to see how things look

Step 2:

Find the task that you named “Challenge Two” and rename it. Notice what happens to the other repeated tasks.

Step 3:

Click/tap on the different tasks and find the Trash Icon in the pop-up box. Click/tap on this icon to delete the tasks. Depending on the task, you may be prompted with different options for task deletion. Make sure that ALL tasks are deleted.


Can you bring a deleted task back from the grave? See if you can figure out how.

Step 4-

Now, you’re planner should be clear. Voila, you have completed the Discovery Module!