3. Due Dates

Topic Progress:

Okay, now that you know how to create a task, let’s see what we can do with it. Go ahead and pick a different section that you can create a task for. Go through the same process that you just went though. Select an appropriate icon for your task, and give your task the title of “Second Task.”

This time, however, instead of saving the task as is, look at the section that is marked with “Announcement Date”, “Planned Date” and “Due Date.” Ignore the first two as we are only focussing on the Due Date for the time being.

Click/Tap on the Due Date icon. From here, set your due date to approximately a week from now. Can you figure out when your next classes are? Look at the calendar very carefully!

Once you have done this, click/tap on save. After you have saved your new task with its due date, go into your Tasks View. You should now be able to see two different tasks, one that is due today and another that is due a week from now.

Notice the differences?