4. Announcement Dates

Topic Progress:

Before we get to Announcement Dates, it is important to understand the difference between a published task and an unpublished task.

A published task is a task that the students can see. A task that is unpublished is a task that your students can not see.

Although both published and unpublished tasks can have announcement dates, they are important to keep in mind when publishing to students.

Without an announcement date, the student will not have a timeline to take decisions on their next steps.

We are going to create a new task, but this time, let’s do it through the Month View. Pick a day this week. Remember that when you click/tap on the white section of the day you will see a pop-up box displaying all of the lessons being given on that day.

Choose one of those days and go through the task creation process. You will entitle this one “Third Task.”

Set the Due Date to approximately a week from now.  Try to set it on a day when a lesson of the current class is being taught.

Ignore the “Planned” date for now and go over to the Announcement Date icon. Set the Announcement day to tomorrow’s date.

Click/tap save and go over to Tasks View and look at the different tasks that you have entered. Notice the difference between a task that has only a due date, and a task that has both.

At this time, the task is not visible to students, only to yourself.