7. Distributing and Repeating Tasks

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Distributing tasks to multiple sections

If you teach many sections, you might want to create a task for one section and duplicate it to all the other sections. Studyo offers a way to do this quickly.Distribution of tasks can be done on the same class occurrence, or the same date.

The distribution option is available when you click or tap a task and open the Action menu (Square with arrow pointing up in the bottom left corner). Once you select this option, you will be asked to which other sections you wish to distribute copies as well as wether it is on the same date or the same class occurrence.

Repeating tasks

Studyo allows users to create repeating tasks, by duplicating existing tasks over a period of time either based on cycle days, or weekdays.

This option is also available under the Action menu, visible when tapping or clicking an existing task icon, in the lower-left corner of the popup window.

You can choose any day of your cycle, or, day of the week and the end date of this recurring task.

All duplicated tasks are linked together to make it easier to delete a series of tasks if required.