9. Publishing Tasks

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Publishing a task to all students of a section

Tasks you create in Studyo are for your own use and remain private, until you choose to publish them to students. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Tap or click the task you wish to publish
  2. Select Publish to group from the Action menu (lower-left of the popover window).

The task will then appear in the planner of each of the students of the task’s section.

Publishing a task to some students of a section

To publish a task only to a subset of students, follow these steps:

  1. Touch/click the task to publish
  2. Under the Action icon, choose Publish to…
  3. Pick the appropriate students
  4. Save

Only these students will see the task appear in their planner.

Publishing all linked tasks to all students of their respective sections

To publish all linked tasks to all the students of their respective sections, follow these steps:

  1. Touch/click any one of the tasks to publish
  2. Choose Publish to groups from the Action icon’s menu

Each one of the linked tasks will be published to all students of each of the respective sections.

Custom publishing of linked tasks or any upcoming task

It is common to prepare in advance a series of tasks in multiple sections, perhaps repeating some of them on a cycle and wish to publish some/all of them. Here is how you can customize which task and to whom they get published:

  1. Touch/click any task, linked or not
  2. Choose Linked tasks or All tasks from the top control
  3. Select who you want to publish each of the tasks (None, All, Some)
  4. Save

Each appropriate task will be published to the appropriate students.