Student Configuration (Existing account)

Topic Progress:

If you were using Studyo last school year, do the following:

1. Download or update to the latest version of Studyo from the App Store

Search for « Studyo » in the App Store or follow this link:

2. Launch Studyo and if you are not logged-in, Click “Login”


3. Enter your username and password (or use Google)

If you have forgotten your login or password, use the “I forgot my login information” button.

If you have used Google to log in the previous year, use it again to log in now.

Login info

4. Go to the Settings menu and click on “Enter school code”


Go to Settings, Click “+” icon followed by “Enter school code”

5. Enter your school’s code 

Your school has a new code for this year. Ask your teacher if you do not know the code.

6. Pick your classes (class picker will appear automatically)

Every time you select a section, your schedule will be updated. Check the Section Group # and Teacher name to make sure you pick the right ones. You can filter the list to make it easier too, and don’t forget to pick general sections such as Lunch or others.

7. Save your changes

You can access this screen at any time to make changes to your course selection from

Settings menu (Gear)  > Configure my planner