Personal Configuration

Configuring Studyo as an individual user.

These instructions will take you through the configuration of your schedule, special days and timetable. It applies to all versions of Studyo, whether it is the iPad, iPhone, Android or web version.

The various screen captures below are both from the iPad and web versions. Although the look might be slightly different on each, the instructions are identical.

When you first create your account, you get the choice of entering a code or creating a personal configuration.

Codes are for Studyo for Schools customers, so if you are a teacher, student or parent in a school-wide implementation of Studyo, you should follow the corresponding instructions provided in the Documentation area of our web site.

Starting your personal configuration and setting basic information

1. Select “Create a personal configuration”

From the main configuration screen, you will go through the 4 steps required to set up your configuration, starting with your school’s base information.

2. Select “School Info”

3. Enter your school’s name and first and last days of school

Include leading and trailing ped days if you wish to enter information on these dates.

4. Pick your type of schedule: Class Times, Week, Week A/B or Cycle days

Class Times: If your schedule is irregular and your school doesn’t have a set of Bell Times, this is probably your best option. You will be able to set specific times for each class during the week and do not have to follow any set pattern. Usually the type of schedule found in Colleges. You can build other types of schedules using this option although using Bell Times might be faster for schools with more regular sets of periods or blocks during the day. Not a good option if your day uses a Week A/B r Cycle of days type of schedule.

An example of a Class Times type of schedule

Bell Times: If your school has the same timetable every week, use Week. If you alternate between two patters each week, select the Week A/B pattern. For rotating days or blocks, pick Cycle Days.

This schedule uses Bell Times on a weekly basis. Notice the set of repeating bell times on various days, with a different set on Wednesdays. Many such patterns are possible.

5. Bell Times: If your school is open on unusual days, toggle the days where it is open

Most schools are open from Monday to Friday, but some schools offer classes on weekends or skip days. You can turn days on or off accordingly by tapping r clicking on the disc behind each day of the week.

6. Select “Done”

Configuring a Class Times schedule (see below for Bell Times)

Configuring Class Times is a one-step process. You create your list of Classes and for each one, define the times of the week where the class occurs.

You can (and should) add some classes for other types of activities too, such as breaks, lunches and study time, that way these will appear in your planner and you will be able to add tasks to these activities and times.

1. Select “Classes”

2. Create a new Class

Notice there are already a series of default “classes” for which you can customize the various occurrence times

Set the details of your class, such as the teacher, room and color

3. Add Times for this class

Set the Day and times, as well as the start and end dates if required.

Classes are normally set for the whole year, but you can set-up semesters this way or adjust some periods to only occur between a range of dates. This applies to each time you set, so a class can have regular periods throughout the semester, yet have special extra classes like internships, during a specific range of dates.

You can add a Period Label if you would like to have a character or two identify the period of the day.

Configuring a Bell Times schedule (see above for Class Times)

If your school uses Bell times you will see a Bell times option in the main menu.

Each set of bells defines the various periods you can have in your day. Fr each such period, you can set a class directly.

1. Select Bell Times

Studyo generates a schedule for each weekday (or weekdays for both A and B weeks in that type of setup).

2. Edit your Monday schedule

You can set the time of day your school opens, the general duration of classes and insert other class periods or special smaller periods such as breaks and lunches in between classes.

Each Period can be renamed or have a unique duration, different from the Class duration indicated at the top. If you change the general duration, it will reset all periods to the same length.

You can insert extra periods for classes or for non-classes such as Lunch, Free periods or Breaks.

3. Edit your First period (tap or click the (i) icon)

You can set a label such as a number or letter or even a short word.

Label: This appears on the right of the Period as a representation of the period of the day (1, 2, 3… or A, B, C…) Each label must be unique.

Class  (not visible when configuring by Cycle days)The Class which occurs during this period. For Cycle days type schedules, this will be done later as a separate step.

Start Time and End Time: Make sure there is no overlap with other periods.

4. Edit your Tuesday schedule

Save your Monday schedule and go back to the list of Schedules. Edit the Tuesday schedule using the (i) or use the Add schedule button if you need more than one set of bells.

5. (optional) Copy the Bells from your Monday Schedule using the Gear icon

When multiple days use the same Bell times, you can copy them from day to day to avoid having to do this work over again. The classes which are applied to each period are not cupied though, only the bell times.

6. Select Done when all your Schedules are created.

You can of course come back and make changes later.

Setting up Special Days

Any day that is an exception, such as Holidays, Ped Days, Special Events, Parent-Teacher days, Exam days, etc are regrouped under the name Special Days in Studyo.

Special Days allow you to set special Titles, Symbols and Effects on your day or Bell Times on a date by date basis.

1. Select Special Days

The Special Days screen appears, allowing you to edit the Special Days list directly or select a date to set one.

2. Select a date where you have a Holiday coming up

That date will be highlighted in the top area and underneath you see the list of currently-defined Special Days.

Studyo may provide a list of default Special Days, such as the “Weekend” Special Day which is automatically applied to, you guessed-it, Weekends! It in turn applied a special set of default Weekend Bells you can edit in the Bell Times area.

Avoid changing the Weekend Special Day unless you really know what you are doing 

3. Select the “New Special Day” button at the bottom

Some options vary based on the type of schedule

You can set the title, symbol and color for this special day as desired.

You can also hide the title or symbol in the final calendar. This is useful for displaying Titles without overwhelming your planner with symbols, or the reverse.

Day of week or Cycle Day
Many schools sometimes have to treat a day as if it was another. Changing the cycle temporarily or gaining back a missed “Friday” because they missed too many due to holidays or bad weather. You can thus force one day to be considered as another.

You can of course indicate a school is not a school day, such as for Holidays, or Ped Days. Or you can preserve the normal day to only set a title or symbol.

Effect (Cycle day schedules only)In schedules using the Cycle Day configuration, changing a Cycle Day or adding a day with No school can also have a variety of effects, such as Shifting the day that would normally occur to the next day, or skipping it. You can even reset a cycle completely if you need to restart from a specific number or letter.

So for a Holiday Special Day, you would indicate there is No school and to Skip or Shift the day that would normally occur on that day.

Specific Bell Times (Bell Time Schedules only)If all you need to do on a specific day is change the bell times that would normally occur, perhaps to set up an Early Dismissal day or a special event with fewer periods, you can create the Schedule you need and apply it to a Special Day and assign it to the required date.

On the given date, the Cycle day or Week day will be preserved so the regular classes will occur, but follow whichever Schedule you set. Even if you remove periods for part of the day, those will be skipped.

End of Term: If you set a day as the End of Term marker, Studyo will countdown classes until that day in the Teacher View and Period view.

4. Save

Your new Special Day will be applied to the displayed date as seen in the calendar in the Special Days view.

5. Select Done

Setting up your classes

For Class times and Weekly Bell Times, classes should already be set, but you can go back to your list and edit any detail you need directly in the classes.

For Cycle Day schedules, you must apply your classes using a master timetable of you cycle days, as they do not necessarily always occur on the same week day.

1. Select Classes

2. (Optional) Edit classes

For Class Time schedules you can only assign times within classes.

3. Assigning classes by day of the week or cycle

If your schedule uses Cycle days, you get the option of assigning classes by day of the week and by cycle day. Day of the week supersedes the cycle day.

The displayed periods correspond to the periods defined in the bell times for the day of week or when using a cycle, the most probable bell times.

2. Select any period to assign a class

You are brought to the Class list to pick the existing class to assign to this period. As you have not created a class yet, you will need to create one.

3. Click “Create New Class”

You can set a title, section or group number, teacher name and email and room. If you are a teacher and teaching this class, you are obviously not required to enter all of this.

4. Save

The Class is applied to the original period you selected.

5. Repeat until all your classes are created and assigned.

7. Select Back, then Done

You are now all set to start using Studyo.

8. Select “Start Using Studyo”

If you need to make changes to your configuration, choose “Configure my planner” from the Gear menu.

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