Connecting your sections to Google Classroom

The Studyo Google Classroom™ integration (part of the Integrations package) allows students to see all assignments published in Google Classroom directly in their Studyo planner.

Each Item published in Classroom which has a Due Date will automatically appear within the appropriate section in Studyo as a Task. Each such task contains a link back to the Google Classroom assignment.

Here are the steps which must be followed by each teacher to connect their sections to specific Google Classroom Classes:

Linking Studyo to Google Classroom

The connector synchronizes data every 15 minutes. If this is not fast enough to your taste, you can do this Optional step BEFORE you connect your Classes to Studyo

Step 1: Using a web browser, go to

Chrome is strongly recommended.

Step 2: Click on Login with Google and log-in using your school’s Google account

Step 3: Select your school’s current configuration through the top right menu.

Step 4: Select “Manage this school” from the top right menu

Step 5: Select External Accounts from the left tabs

Step 6: Add a new account by clicking the Google Classroom on the top right

You should already by signed in

Step 7: Give access to Google Classroom

This will enable Studyo to gain access to your list of classes.

Step 8: Click on View Associations

Step 9: Next to each Studyo section, select the correct Classroom to poll for tasks.

Step 10: IMPORTANT: Click the Save button at the top right.

Tasks will now be updated every 15 minutes.

Extra Options:

You can adjust the start date and end date for which to display tasks from Google Classroom for each section separately.

Tasks are fetched from Google Classroom every 15 minutes (maximum) but you can queue an update immediately using the circular yellow arrow. This queues an update which should happen quickly. Click the Refresh button (down arrow) to get timestamp of the last succesful fetching of tasks.