The Teacher View

The teacher view gives you access to advanced planning tools which will help you both manage your own tasks and publish and distribute tasks more effectively to students.

Planner (default view)

Studyo adds a series of tools to facilitate the management of course content as well as more easily publish tasks to students.

Overview and preferences

The Planner view, selected at the top-right, shows every day of the school year on a horizontal time line. Then, on the vertical axis, all your sections.

When a section meets on a given day, a white box is displayed and if it doesn’t meet, there is only gray.

While this doesn’t reflect teach day’s actual schedule, it represents the content flow and enables you to see what content you are planning to cover with each section.

When you meet a section twice on the same day, two boxes will appear on the given day.

In each Class occurrence, a series of indications are available. The period you meet them is at the bottom right. The top left shows which class occurrence of the year this is. On the top right, you see how many classes are left before the end of the term. And the white area contains any tasks are due or announced.

Class details

When you tap or click the colored bar above any class occurrence, the Class Details window which displays more information.

The yellow lined area allows you to edit the Notes associated with this class occurrence.

Moving and Copying tasks

The Teacher View supports Drag and Drop of tasks within one section or across sections.

It is quite easy to move tasks around in the same section. Simply drag horizontally.

To Copy a task from one section to another, drag any task vertically to where it needs to go. This will always copy the task.

Repeating a task

Sometimes, you need to make copies of tasks which occur on a regular basis. To to this, Tap or click on an existing task, select the Action cion (lower left) and select to Repeat the Task.

Linked tasks

Every time you Copy or repeat tasks, the copied are linked. This means that changing the title, description or attachments will affect all the occurrences of the task.

At any time, you can also Unlink a task by tapping it and tapping/clicking the Unlink Task button on the upper right.