Connecting to Studyo for the 1st time

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1. Open the login page or start the Studyo app

With Chrome, go to


Download the application on the App Store/Play Store on you mobile device.

2. Click “Login” and either sign-in with Google or enter your email to create an account.

Or if you are not using a Google account, you will need to create a new account by entering your email and picking a password.

If your account is preconfigured by your school, your courses will already be available!

Optional section

If your account is not pre-configured, you will be supplied a School Code by your teachers

3. Select “Enter a code”

4. Enter your school code (Ask your teacher if you do not have it)

5. Pick your classes

After entering a school code, the course selection screen will appear.

* Do not forget to look for courses that are for everyone, such as lunches and be careful to choose the right groups

Course selection web version

On the iPad version, the class selector looks like this. On iPhone and Android, only the right column is available.

6. Save your changes

You can access this screen at any time to make changes to your course selection in Settings->Configure planner.

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