1st Access – Teachers – Other accounts

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These instructions are for teachers and staff in schools where you are not provided a Google account.

1. Access the Studyo login page

Using Chrome, go to http://app.studyo.co

You can use any modern browser (Safari, Edge), but we strongly recommend Chrome


On your mobile device, launch the Studyo app

2. Click or tap “Create your account”

3. Pick a username and password and enter your school email

An email is sent automatically. If you did not receive it, please contact support@studyo.co and ask that it be sent again.

You can pick anything as your username, but it is important that you remember it for connecting again or on another device.

You will see the following message if you used the same email contained in your school’s Studyo configuration:

IMPORTANT: If you see an image asking for a school code or to create an individual account, STOP something is not quite right. Contact your Studyo administrator.. Or contact us at support@studyo.co

4. Click on the confirmation link in the email

If you do not see an email, check your Spam folder.

5. Click on “Try again” in Studyo

Your planner with all your attributed sections will appear and you’re all set to go.