2. Creating Your First Task

Topic Progress:

To get started, you must create your first task. Task creation can be done in most views, but for the sake of this activity, let’s get started with the Week View. From here, you should be able to see all of your courses for the current week. Your goal is to create a task for one of these classes. Remember that depending on whether you click/tap on the coloured box vs. the white box just to the right of it, you will be prompted to either add a note or add a task. At the moment, we would like to add a task.

Now that you have found your way here, it’s time to explore to see if you can get that first task created. Once the pop-up box opens, you’ll see that you have many options that allow you to personalize your task. Ignore these for now and simply focus on selecting an icon that represents your task type and giving your new task the title of “First Task.”