Bell Times

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On any given day, specific Bell Times can be applied. This can be the same every day or vary in various ways. Bell Times typically define a number of periods (1, 2, 3… or A, B, C) and a Section’s schedule will be defined as occurring on a Day/Period combination (i.e. 7th Grade Math with Professor James occurs every Day 1 at Period 2, where Day 1 is the day of the Cycle and Period 2 is the period named 2 in that day’s Bell Times). Studyo can apply Bell Times based on the day of the week, the day of the cycle, a specific date, the day of the week, or combinations of each. The resulting complete schedule takes all this into account.

A configuration can have as few or as many Bell Times as required. Some schools have a single set of bells, others use a variety of bell times based on their needs.

Studyo creates some basic Bell Times for you to represent a Regular school day’s bell times, and another for days without classes containing generic AM, PM and Evening periods.

Schedules can be applied directly to week days, Cycle days or specific dates. Very often, they are applied to Special Days to affect bell times on these days.

When a school has specific Bell Times every Monday which is different from other days, a set of Bell Times would be applied to Mondays, but if there is a special event which requiers changes, such as an early dismissal, fewer periods or other such changes, a Special Day with its own Bell Times might be the way to go.