Blackbaud onCampus Instructions

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Providing data from Blackbaud onCampus

Extracting Meeting Times and Day Cycles (schedule sets)

  1. Impersonate the Academics persona
  2. Select the Scheduling tab 
  3. Choose Schedule outline 
  4. Filter on the Level (if applicable – i.e. Upper School) 
  5. Click Edit (pencil icon) 
  6. Click on the Rotation tab 
  7. Take screenshots of the schedule set rotation
  8. Repeat this process to capture all rotations for all schedule sets

Creating a custom List to generate scheduling data for Studyo

  • Impersonate the Academics persona 
  • Select the Analysis tab 
  • Choose Manage Lists 
  • Choose Manage basic and advanced lists
  • List Templates tab
    Select Academic Group from the dropdown 
  • Hit View/Copy to the left of Student Course Enrolment with Faculty 
  • Under the Filters tab, select 2 global filters: 
    1. Course Term.School Year with the condition of the appropriate school year 
    2. Course Base.School Level with the condition of the appropriate school level
  • Under the Select Objects > use Academic Group to select the following objects:
  • Under the Display Fields, check off Enable grouping options and select the following display fields: 
  • Once done, click Preview in the bottom right corner and export to your liking.
  • This will produce the BB/Studyo custom data file. 

Note: The Display Field of Host ID for Faculty and Host ID for Student might need to be changed to User ID for Faculty and User ID for Student. Some schools assign a Host ID to both faculty and students. However, User ID is a viable alternative for other BB schools since BB assigns this unique identifier automatically to a profile.)