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In order to access your child’s Studyo account, he must invite you as a parent directly into Studyo. Here are the steps required:

Important: Your child will need Studyo version 3.1 to have access to the “invite a parent option” (located at the bottom of the menu setting).  If the option is not available and an update is not required on the App Store, your school might be using an older version of the application which requires an update at their level. You can also try deleting and reinstalling the application on your mobile device (all your data will be saved).

1. Ask your child to log into his Studyo account and go to the Gear menu. Once there, click the share icon

On the web and Android, the Share icon is slightly different from the iOS version

2a. Select, “Invite my parent”

2b. Your child will have to enter your email address and click, “Invite.”

3. You will then receive an email asking to confirm your identity.

4. Click the link and note the code that will be displayed on the resulting page

If you had an account last year linked to your email address, you will be prompted to use that information to access your child’s account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An improvement in 2019 is that there are many cases where the code is not required. Simply create your account with the same email you received your invitation to and you will be automatically linked to your child.

5. Connect to Studyo

  • Web version:
  • iOS or Android versions: Located in the corresponding App Store

6. Create your Studyo account (or connect through Google)

If you already had an account last year with the same email, you will convert oyur account to the new authentication system and your child will already be linked.

7. (optional) Select “enter a code” and enter the code that was given at Step 5

or if you had an account already, you can use the + at the bottom of the gear menu or the “Create new” button in the web or Android versions.

You will now have access to a read-only version of your child’s planner.

IMPORTANT: If you close your Studyo session via the gear menu, an activation code in not necessary to reconnect. Simply log in with your Studyo (or Google) name and password. The same goes if you want to connect another device to the same account.

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