Editing Sections – Basics

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When creating or editing an individual Section, here are the key elements you must be aware of, as well as their meaning and impact on other areas of the Platform. These are editable through the menu at the right of each section.

Import Identifier

This is a unique code which allows the Admin to re-import section information while updating sections with the same identifier. If you change this value, upon re-import, a new section would be created, as opposed to updating the section with new info. Only the Studyo team can currently import files. Individual schools can only create sections manually.


The title which appears in the App. When there is less room, the first 3 letters will be used.

Short Title

The abbreviated title which appears in the App when only 3 letters are used (week view, tasks view…). If undefined the first 3 letters of the title will be used.

Grade Level

A String of characters which is used to create the list of Levels. The app scans for all of the entries and builds a list of unique Levels. At this time, only one level can be applied to a class, so if you need sections to appear to multiple levels, one way is to set the Level to something such as “6 and 7”. This will appear when selecting to pick classes by Level in the App.

Section number

Any identifier which will represent the section and make it recognizable to students. When they scan “By Section Number” they will see the list of all possible such number (or strings). The same as for Levels.

Some schools, use a common number or code for sections which are contained of common groups of students (say like a home room). Thus, all classes which apply to this group are displayed together when selecting that Section number.

Associated Sections

These are covered in Advanced Section Schedules


The Default Teacher account for this section.


The Default color for this section. Randomly set upon import or set to Orange by default. Users of the app can pick any color to override this default.

Room Name

The Default Room where this section meets.