Editing Sections – Extended Info

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Here are some of the more advanced Section settings. Note that there is also a set of special settings in the Section Schedules, which are covered in the Multi-Scheduleand Custom Schedule chapters.

  • Associated sections
  • Auto-Enroll
  • Managing Enrolment (students and teachers)

Hidden Sections

Setting a section to Hidden removes all the section’s schedules. It does NOT however actually hide the section inthe apps. Users can still see and select them, but they will have no effect on their overall schedule.

It is preferable to Hide sections this way to deleting the data altogether to avoid issues.


Locking a section will prevent overwriting or deleting it when a re-import is done by the Studyo team. This is useful for manually created sections which are not part of the regular SIS import.

Associated Sections

In order to have students see their optional classes when selcting by section number, you can add all the different closed group numbers in this field, separated by forward slash characters ” / “.

When a student is part of a closed group, say 71 (grade 7, group 1) and all their sections have a group # of 71, they will easily see all their classes. To add Optional classes to this list, which could be comprised of students from a variety of closed groups, you can add all the closed group numbers which should see this class. So a Music optional, who’s section group # is “9001” and which can have students from closed groups 71, 72 and 73 would have “71/72/73” in their Associated Groups field. That way, a student picking 71 as the group to pick classes for, will also see this Music 9001 section.