Editing Sections – Schedules [TBC]

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When editing sections schedules, there are a variety of ways to set a class to occur.

Cycle Day + Period

If the class must occur according to the Cycle Day and Period, you must set the entry as such by ppicking Cycle Day under the Date area (Green) and pick the Period Tag in the Time area (Blue). The Tag MUST be identical as the tags you have defined in the Bell Times of your Calendar.

Cycle Day + Time

You can set a class to occur on a cycle day, but at a specific time. This allows for a variety of scenarios to be put in place, such as classes which happen outside of the regular bell times.

WARNING: This can come in conflict with Cycle Day + Tags and you might see overlap.

Notice the Display Tag which allows you to set if a Period Tag should be visible at the right of that block. This is optional and can be anything unrelated to the Bell Times.

Day of week entries

Instead of the Cycle Day, you can set an entry to repeat on the day of the week. At this time, you must select a number between 1 (Sunday) and 7 (Saturday)

Specific date Entries

When adding an entry for a specific date, the course occurrence will only be displayed on that date in the appropriate Period or set times.

This works well in combination with the definition of Special Days with unique Bell Times when a class must be set to a period which is not the regular period. i.e. A Math Class occurs on June 5 during Period “Exam” defined in special Bell Times set on that day.

Schedule Tags

In schools where different bells apply to different levels of students, Tags must be applied to each schedule. Adding an entry in a section’s schedule then requires the use of the appropriate Schedule Tag or it will not appear.

Term Tags

When Terms are defined (ask our team for info) in a school configuration, each entry must have the appropriate Term tag as well or will not appear. You can have overlapping Terms (One Full Year tag, and a Semester 1 tag and a Semester 2 tag. A class occurence can apply to any one of these and will only be displayed in the appropriate date range.