Fixing Common User Issues

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Most potential issues are linked to the following cases:

A teacher is being asked for a School Code after logging in

This can mean the record doesn’t exist in the school configuration, or that the email provided is different than the one being used to connect.

The email has not been verified.

ATTENTION: Teachers and Parents must NEVER use the Onboarding code provided for students.

A user has lost their password

If they are connecting using a Studyo account (email) they can request to reset their password. If they are using Google, they must reset their password using Google’s site.

A parent is not receiving their child’s invitation

It might be filtered by their anti-spam filter or the child might have used a wrong email or made a typo.

A parent is not seeing all their children’s’ planners

They can switch between them using the Gear menu on iOS or by going to the gear menu and seleecting “Change configuration” in the web and Android versions.