Importing Bell Times

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Importing Bell Times

Some schools have very variable bell times throughout the school year. It may be easier to import such lists. Here are some instructions to create a .csv file which may be imported.


A Bell Times import file should have the following 4 columns:

Title    Period Tag     Start Time     End Time

Here is what they mean:

Title: The name of this set of Bell Times. Will only be visible to the Studyo Administrator. Important: Please repeat the title for all entries in the schedule.

Period Tag (Important): This is how the period will appear in the App and web App. It must match the period that is used in your Schedule Data. You cannot have the same tag twice on any given day.

Start Time and End Time: The start time and end time of each period formatted in 24h notation (hh:mm)

Here is a sample of what this looks like: