Importing Special Day definitions

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Some schools may have a long list of Special Days they need to display within Studyo. We recommend focusing on key items which affect the schedule in order as to not overwhelm students with too much information, but it is possible you have an existing list of items you wish to import. Here is how to create a file for importing these.

The process is the same as for Bell Times, each header item is described below.

Title    Cycle Day    Cycle Day Effect    Symbol     Symbol Color Index    Is End of Term      Schedule Title

Title: The Special Day’s title as it will appear to the user.

Cycle Day: One of the following values:

  • Empty (Doesn’t affect the Cycle day)
  • 0 (Zero, No Cycle Day on this date)
  • 1, 2, 3, … (the specific Cycle Day to apply on this Special Day)

Cycle Day Effect:One of the following values:

  • Insert (Shift the cycle day to the next day)
  • Sequence (Replace the cycle day which should occur on the day)
  • Reset (Restart the cycle starting with this cycle day)

Symbols:One of the following values:

  • square
  • star
  • upendedstar
  • symmetricstar
  • hollowsquare
  • seal
  • openbracker
  • closebracket
  • circle

Color Index: One of the following:

Is End of Term:Indicate if “TRUE”

If the special day must be used as an End of Term marker, meaning it will be used to calculate the number of days until a term, then use the word “TRUE” in this column.

Schedule Title: Enter name of schedule.

If a specific schedule must be used for this day, enter its name exactly as it appears in the Schedule Tab.

Notes on Exporting from Excel

When exporting a list from Microsoft Excel, it is best to use the following format:  CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited)