Overview of Sections

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As described in the Calendars and Bell Times section, each day of the year in Studyo can contain one or more sets of Bell Times which define periods for each day.

Imagine a Calendar’s Bell Times as a series of boxes (periods) on any given day, each box having a label (Period tag).

The Bell Times for that day might look something like this:

Each Section in Studyo contains its own schedule which defines on which Day of the cycle and which Period tag it occurs.

Here is the schedule for Section 1 of a Grade 7 English Language Arts Class given by Mrs Waller:

You can see the schedule on the right side, showing each Day and Period combination. Use the three dots on right to edit the scedules or the base info.

When the Studyo Generator goes through all Sections to build the school’s complete schedule, it goes through all the days of the calendar and all the sections and matches all the Day/Period combinations appropriately.

When it finds a section that occurs on a specific day, it looks at the Calendar schedule for that day and tries to find a period with the same Tag as the one in the Section’s schedule. If it does, it adds a class on that day for that period. If there is no such tag on that particular day, then that section is skipped and the generator moves on to the next day.

Important notion

This means that if at some point, you rename the Calendar Schedule’s tags without renaming the tags in the Section Schedules, some classes may never find a place to appear on any day. In other words, Section Schedule Period tags must always match the Calendar Schedule Period Tags.

Sections and Teacher Accounts

Each Section has a Default Teacher, as well as teachers defined within each of the Section’s Schedules (Day/Period Tag combination).

Studyo builds user calendars by looking at all possible options and if a teacher teaches a period of a class, it is added to their schedule.

At this time, Studyo can only have one Section per Day/Period combination. If there are more, then they will overlap.

If no teacher is set for a specific Section Schedule, then the Default Teacher inherits from this period in their schedule.