Preparing the Calendar and Bell Times

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A Multi-Schedule configuration implies different sets of bells for different levels of students.

The way the Studyo generator does this is by using Schedule Tags.

Tags are added to the Bell Times which should apply to the different levels. For example, let’s imagine some bell times for grade 6 and another for grade 7. Bell Times could be defined like this:

Grade 6 Bell Times:

Grade 7 Bell Times

Notice the Schedule Tag which was entered. Here we are simply using the grade number but it could be anything.

You will notice the Tag is displayed in brackets next to the Label for each set of Bells.

Applying Bell Times to the calendar

You must apply the possible Bell Times on each day of the week, by dragging the default bell times to the Weekday labels at the top of the Calendar.

Hover over the Weekdays and see what has been applied there. Items prefaced with sch: are Bell Times which have been dragged directly. This is the appropriate way to apply possible Bell times on the days of the week.

Applying the Bell Times to Special Days

When creating Special Days, you can also apply Bell Times with Schedule Tags. You must add every Bell Time which could appear on a given day.

Last Important Step!

Once you have defined Bell Times with Schedule tags, every Bell Time has to use them.

Also, you MUST have the tags entered for each Schedule Entry in each section’s Schedule tag field or they will not appear.

Notice the “6” tag is being used to tell the generator that this occurrence must appear at this Cycle Day + Period combination, when the tag is “6”