Providing Student Initial Sections

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Description The student sections should contain at least the minimal information to assign students to their appropriate sections

Students will always be able to modify their choices, allowing them to update their planner immediately upon a change and not require a full export.

The following is a description of the raw information we must be able to extract from your files. Do not worry about the order.

Format This file uses the same specifications as the teacher file (CSV, Excel)

The required information is the following (the name of the column is not important but a header should be present to avoid confusion). Again, the data can be within common fields as long as you tell us what to look for.

StudentID (Optional)

A unique identifier for each student as defined in your SIS. This must NOT change between exports so we can update information upon a re-import.

StudentEmail (Required)

The student’s email. This MUST be the email they will use to create their account or the school’s Google email. If a student logs in using a different email, they will not be connected to the school and would have to enter the School Code and pick their sections manually.

Student Name (Optional)

If the student has no name, it will be asked of them when they log on. This can be in two separate fields as well (First, Last)

Grade Level (Optional)

The grade level number for the student (7, 8, 9…)

Student Section ID (Required)

The same Unique ID you have provided for section data. You can either provide one ID per line, repeating the rest of the student data, or provide all the IDs sequentially after the student data.