Providing the Teacher List

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Export file specifications

Below is a list of the fields we need to build a Studyo configuration. Our sophisticated extraction tools allow us to take any raw file containing this information wether it is in individual fields or even characters within a field.

You need not spend any time manipulating your raw data. Our team will be happy to work with you to put a simple process in place so you don’t have to do anything other than export your files.

We also offer a secure SFTP server for you to upload files automatically from SIS systems such as PowerSchool.

1. Teacher list

DescriptionThe teacher list is a simple 4-column file which is used to automatically link teacher accounts to their schedule information.

Format We prefer CSV files (tab-delimited files have proven to be less problematic).

The required columns are the following (the name of the column is not important but a header should be present to avoid confusion).

REMEMBER: We need the underlying information. If you system exports Full names, we can split it on our end.

TeacherID A Unique ID for this teacher in your admin system so that we can match them to their sections. Watch out for Ids starting with «zero as they sometimes get stripped by Excel. As long as they are the same in the Sections export, they can be present or not but must remain consistent across imports.

Last Name The teacher’s Last name

First Name The teacher’s First name

Email The teacher’s Email (used for matching accounts to the configuration)