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With Studyo 4, it is now possible for schools to manage their own configurations. This means you can modify your yearly calendar, edit sections and manage users.

You can also always rely on our Concierge service, provided as part of every deployment of Studyo, Tom make the changes for you if you prefer.

For more advanced operations, such as importing data, the Concierge service is the only way to go.

How to provide your schedule data

In order to set up your Studyo for Schools configuration, your School or District must provide the raw data for class schedules and calendars as well as teacher information.

No student data is required.

Here is an overview of what needs to be provided:

  • A copy of the Yearly calendar (PDF, web) displaying your rotating schedule (blocks or days) if any, holidays and special events that affect classes.
  • Daily bell times(times of each period, lunch, # of periods per day, etc). Multiple day structures may be supplied if different days or levels of students require variations of the schedule.
  • An export of Schedule informationin the appropriate format (CSV), see below
  • All Teacher names and emailsin the appropriate format (CSV).

With this data, Studyo will build the configuration and provide the following:

  • A “School Code” for all the users of your school (same code for all students and teachers)
  • Teachers are automatically linked to the configuration matched by email when using the iOS app

Connecting students and teachers (overview)

  • Students enter the school code and create an account, or log-in using their Google account (or LTI account)
  • They then select the appropriate sections from the configuration screen. They can go back and modify their choice if they switch classes.
  • Teachers are automatically connected when they create a Studyo account using the school email, or use Google authentication if their Google account uses the appropriate school email.