School Days

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Every calendar starts off with only regular days, which have no special characteristics. Studyo automatically sets-up School Days by applying a set of Bell Times named “Regular” to all weekdays. You will see this by hovering over the day titles at the top of the Calendar. This should display which schedule is applied to weekdays (notice the “?” prefix in the popover, meaning a set of Bell Times is directly applied).

The Cycle of days starts on the first date of the school year, which you can change in the Calendar settings (pencil next to year). This is also where you edit the number of days in the cycle. The generator then goes through the cycle uninterrupted, until the last day of the school.

In order for weekends not to count as part of the cycle, a Special Day called “Weekends” which is defined not to have a cycle day is automatically applied to Saturday and Sunday.

When a Special Day is inserted in the Calendar, it can change the flow of Cycle days based on it’s settings, to not appear on the day or become a specific day of the cycle, and either Shift the cycle day to the next day, of skip it and preserve the sequence.

When a Special Day is dragged on a specific day, Studyo verifies if it should affect the cycle of days based on the Special Day’s characteristics. It will then affect the specified day in one of the following ways:

  • Skip the Cycle Day and shift it to the next day (3, ___ , 4, 5, 6, …)
  • Skip the cycle day and Preserve the sequence (3, ___ , 5, 6, …)
  • or Reset the sequence starting with the selected Cycle day and continue from there (3, _2_ , 3, 4, 5, … )
  • A Special day can have No Cycle Day, or set a specific Cycle Day, combined with the above behaviors.

A custom title, icon and color can be displayed as well.

You can apply Special Days to Cycle days, Weekdays, or directly to specific days.