Subscribe to a calendar of the agenda

Topic Progress:

1. Go to settings on Studyo

The setting Icon is located in the right corner of your screen.

2. Select “share” followed by “Share link to my calendar”.

3. Email yourself the link

The calendar can be added to all the devices you use Studyo on.

 In Mac OS, iOS and Windows:

3a. When you receive the email, CLICK on the link displayed.

If you use the calendar software built into the various computer platforms, such as Mac OS, iOS or Windows, just click on the link to subscribe. The calendar will update automatically when the Studyo content is modified.

 Other Types of Calendar such as Google Calendar

3b. When you receive the email, COPY the link displayed.

4. Open Google Calendar

5. Select “Add by URL” in the other Calendar section

6. Paste the link from the email and click, “Add” The calendar will appear and be updated


The calendar will appear and updates will be done automatically .