Veracross Instructions

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Raw data for teachers:

a.       On the System Page select “Find People” query.

b.      Select fields and export to Excel spreadsheet.

  • Person ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email 1

c.       Depending on your data you will have to filter out People based on the “Role” field, etc.

Raw data for schedules:

a.       On the System Page select “Find Class Schedules” query.

b.      I select the following fields and then run my VBA macro to get it to the Studyo format:

  • Class ID 
  • Teacher ID
  • Description
  • Primary Grade Level
  • Grading Period
  • Room (Class Sched)
  • Day
  • Block Index

Student section data

On the System Page select “Find Class Enrollment Records” query.

  • Add STUDENT: Person ID (UniqueID), STUDENT: Last Name and STUDENT: First Name fields.
  • Select the Class ID (SectionID) field.
  • Drag to re-order fields (UniqueID, Last Name, First Name, Email, SectionID) and deselect all unnecessary fields.
  • Go to Currently Enrolled field and check “Yes” (so that students withdrawn from classes are not included).
  • Filter other fields (ex. Course Type, Class ID, Grade, etc.) as necessary.
  • Save query to your workspace to reuse for next year.
  • Run Query.
  • Click on lightning bolt and export data to Excel.